Jahpa writes songs, subsequently sings them, and plays a lot of guitar. He also plays a little percussion and some piano, especially in the key of “C Blues.” He’s from the boogie down Bronx (and don’t you forget it), but has been in Austin since the early nineties, laboring delusionally in abject anonymity. He’s played guitar for numerous acts, and has also fronted bands consistently featuring talent that greatly outstrips his own, which go nowhere fast. He plays mostly funky, bluesy, frequently improvisational rock, but would also foist acoustic woe-is-me singer-songwriter crap on his unsuspecting fanbase, if he had one. His barely anticipated debut album is due out sometime before the apocalypse. Enjoy!

  • Better Best7:27
  • Money Maker3:39
  • Sometimes I Love Her4:19
  • Hold On5:24
  • Powerless4:19
  • Right Here Next to Me4:51
  • My Bleeding Heart4:36
  • Tomorrow4:06
  • What I Am6:58
  • Arkansas6:38